Wheaton Drama 2022–2023 Season

Wheaton Drama 21-22 Season Banner

it begins with an idea

I’ve created the advertisements, subscription materials and show poster designs for several seasons for Wheaton Drama, a not-for-profit community theatre in the western suburbs of Chicago. I give each season its own look and feel, and carry some of those elements into the poster designs for the individual shows as well.

Since the theatre had gone dark in March 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we chose a lyric from Hello, Dolly! as a sort of spirit line that would resonate with theatergoing audiences. 

show posters

Because two of the shows for the 21–22 season were rescheduled from the 19–20 season, I had the designs for Hauptmann and Peter and the Starcatcher finished prior to the shutdown. Hauptmann, in fact, was fully rehearsed and was postponed mere days prior to its originally-scheduled opening. 

There was an additional challenge in creating a cohesive look for this season’s posters. We chose to use the Disney-licensed artwork rather than create our own, less-recognizable piece, but the designed needed to ultimately fit in with the rest of the season’s posters. 

The framing element references the season brochure, banner and other advertising, while the artwork within stands on its own.

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