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Experienced and versatile print + web designer, UI/UX designer, art director and illustrator, currently seeking contract work or full-time employment.

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the story so far

A trained studio artist focusing on drawing, painting and printmaking, I spent some time working in independent comics in my 20s before focusing on print, then web design. For over two decades, I have worked for a spectrum of corporations and clients: in-house agency, small business, not-for-profits and small and large entertainment industry projects.

For much of the past decade, I created web sites and other digital deliverables for the in-house creative team at a multinational tool manufacturer. Starting as a freelancer, I was quickly hired on full-time, and was soon leading other designers. Ultimately, I managed a team of up to 10 designers responsible for all the digital deliverables for 3 major national brands. To achieve our goals, I was instrumental in developing and implementing processes to improve efficiency and to improve the working relationship with our marketing partners.

After nine years with that company, I am looking forward to a new environment and new challenges.


a smorgasbord of experience

I entered the corporate world with an artist’s understanding of visual communication, a curious mind, and a natural proficiency for learning new computer programs. Each challenge brought a new opportunity to broaden my technical knowledge, and each new situation brought more leadership opportunities.


senior designer, brand strategy, OfficeMax

In this in-house agency setting, I was part of a team tasked with staying on top of design trends and creating the look and feel for overall company branding, seasonal updates and special projects. Our work touched all channels and aspects of the business.


interactive design, Torque Creative, TTI

Managed a team of  designers for in-house agency serving a multinational corporation. Creating and directing web design, UI, online advertisement and social media strategy for Techtronic Industries. Brands serviced include Home Depot bestsellers RYOBI & RIDGID and instrumental in the launch of HART Tools, sold in Walmart stores.

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